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The bed as a space of intimacy, of the private or of the partner. Place to SLEEP, to replenish our senses, to enjoy that subtle sensation of being and not being. That is why it is so important to feel at ease in an area that, in addition, must meet very stringent demands and be extremely functional.


At Dicon we know it and we propose complete rest systems, which surprise by the freshness of the approaches, by the audacity of the solutions involved, by the exquisiteness of the aesthetics, by the choice of the materials that best fit adapt to our dream.


Art and Glamour

Art about a new timeless design with the aim of achieving comfort using natural materials of the highest quality.

  • parallax


    Hycare®' products with protection against bacteria, moldiness and other or expensive microorganisms. Prevents reproduction and eliminates bad odors.

  • customize


    Sustainable material , breathable, hygienic, soundproof, atomic, ergonomic and very durable , the latex is composed of an open cellular structure that ventilates it during sleep.

Simply natural design and comfort.
  • The text seven-zone multi-comfort has been designed according to ergonomic recommendations of
    the Ergonomie Institute in Munich.

Materials protect your body

How do they take care of you?

    • Organic


      Cotton certified by Global Organic Textile Standard has been organically grown, it is a natural, fresh, light, resistant, absorbent and soft material.

    • Certificate


      Free of harmful chemicals certified by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 CLASS I, each component separately has been analyzed and verified as safe for contact even with baby skins

      Label Check nº2012OK0023

  • Tratado


    Hydrofast® es un tratamiento textil suave al tacto que permite una correcta eliminación de la humedad del tejido. Argentum+® tecnología de control de humedad con tratamiento antibacteriano basado en iones de plata

  • Higiénico


    Su composición procedente del árbol del caucho, Hevea Brasilensis, le confiere un poder bactericida e higiénico que descompone los mohos y las bacterias. Transpirable, higiénico, insonoro, atérmico, ergonómico y muy duradero

    FSC® certified latex