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Zenit Motor


Firmness(1 suave - 10 firme) Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza

> model: electric articulated in 4-5 planes
> frame: metal with 1.5 mm thick steel tube (maximum resistance st-44)
> support: five lines of Hytrel® multi-elements, rubber / Hytrel® blocks and sheets of steamed plywood.
> paint: anti-scratch EPOXI
> exterior design: exclusive 60x20 cm tube
> standard total height: legs 25 cm + height without legs 8 cm
> degree of firmness: varible with multi-elements

> fastenings: lower arch supports mattress. Optional sides
> motor: European OKIN® silent, robust and resistant, wired or wireless control.

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The Zenit is a metal bed base with a 1.5 mm steel tube. thick (maximum resistance st-44) and exclusive 60x20 tube for motor and 40x30 tube for fixed ones.

The motor bed base is manufactured with five articulation planes up to 105 cm. and four planes from that measurement, it is provided with five lines of hytrel oscillating-tilting multi-elements from the shoulder area to the hip area and self-regulating firmness in the lumbar area, the rest of the areas consist of rubber blocks / Hytrel and steamed plywood sheets.

The multi-elements are tilt-and-turn and with self-regulating firmness in the lumbar area that allow a better and individualized adaptation regardless of the weight and morphology of each person and, in the case of Zenit bed bases, we place them in the rest of the areas. Hytrel® tilting blocks with high durability and non-deformability, provided with sheets of plywood and steamed beech.

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