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Natural Art 30


Firmness(1 suave - 10 firme) Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza

> Model: Closed on one side
> Core: TA latex, individually pocket springs and foam support
> Fabric: Jacquard stretch fabric
> Padding: 100% Natural Cotton + Cushion

> Total height with cover: 28 cm
> Degree of firmness: Medium / Firm
> FSC® certified latex - Forest Stewardship Council® certification ensures that FSC certified products are produced from responsibly managed forest materials and provides transparency and traceability throughout the process through control organizations such as the Rainforest Alliance.
Latexco FSC® license number C139425.

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Finishing with elastic jacquard fabric quilted with natural cotton is like art itself, a luxury for the senses. In its comfort layer we find Latex TA, Latex Talalay, destined to provide a soft but very stable sensation, in addition to improving the resilience, ventilation and thermal dissipation of the mattress.
NA´30, like NA´20, has the most solid foundations in the sector thanks to the most robust perimeter reinforcement on the market. This improves the life and resilience of the pocket springs that support the structure. The core of individually bagged springs combines tradition with utility to allow correct bed independence. Over the years it is not necessary to demonstrate that the good always returns.

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