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Natural Art 40


Firmness(1 suave - 10 firme) Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza

> Model: 2-sided closed with different firmness
> Core: RF Latex and Core 100% Dunlop latex
> Fabric: quilted stretch jacquard fabric
> Side: reinforced luxury band
> Padding: 100% Natural Cotton + Cushion
> Total height with cover: 25 cm
> Degree of firmness: Medium
> FSC® certified latex - Forest Stewardship Council® certification ensures that FSC certified products are produced from responsibly managed forest materials and provides transparency and traceability throughout the process through control organizations such as the Rainforest Alliance.
Latexco FSC® license number C139425.

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NA´30 and NA´40 share the visual since they are within the same trend but nevertheless, they do not share structure or construction since the latter is a model sheathed with an elastic Jacquard fabric finish. In its comfort layer we find RF Latex, Radio Frequency Latex, a material with unmatched properties that provides a feeling of fluffiness and a control of both humidity and temperature superior to those of other types of latex.
NA´40 is the model of the ideal collection for the most purists. With Dunlop technology, the 100% latex core makes this the most noble and pure set for those who are passionate about this type of material. NA´40 is the ideal choice to get a rest equipment in which the symbiosis between mattress and base is an almost perfect architectural structure regardless of the suspension or mobility of the bed base.

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