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Natural Art 50


Firmness(1 suave - 10 firme) Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza

> Model: Closed on one side
> Core: Reticular HR, TA Latex and individually pocket spring housing
> fabric: superstretch luxury fabric, anti-wrinkle elastic
> Side: Reinforced platform
> padding: foam support
> total height with cover: 26 cm
> degree of firmness: Medium / Firm
> 3 times higher humidity and temperature dissipation than in conventional foam.
> Firmness much more stable in the face of temperature changes than in conventional foam.
> Improves air flow by 95% compared to conventional foam.
> FSC® certified latex - Forest Stewardship Council® certification ensures that FSC certified products are produced from responsibly managed forest materials and provides transparency and traceability throughout the process through control organizations such as the Rainforest Alliance.
Latexco FSC® license number C139425.

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Maximum moisture removal. Thanks to its structure, the mesh material used in the mattresses dries almost immediately after being exposed to any type of humidity. This type of foam was originally designed for outdoor use withstanding rain, snow or dew.
Constant air circulation. The materials have a revolutionary gem-type structure, which allows a constant air flow inside the mattress.
Great comfort and better support. The multilayer construction made up of individually pocket springs, latex and soft mesh HR manages to facilitate a perfect alignment of our spine with maximum comfort and a pleasant sensation of pressure relief.
Safe materials certificates. Ceingravity products offer the healthiest rest environment available, being so safe that they are certified by class I of Oeko-tex 100, the most restrictive as it is required for products that are going to be used by babies.
Exceptional Thermal Comfort. Secured thanks to 2 cm of Reticular HR. The reticulated materials of the model have a revolutionary gem-type structure that allows a constant air flow inside the mattress. This allows perfect control of thermal variations, thus always achieving an optimal temperature for sleeping. The thermal comfort certificate issued by an independent laboratory has classified the mattress as excellent with 82 points on a scale of 0 to 100.

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