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Mozart - pure latex


Firmness(1 suave - 10 firme) Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza Firmeza

> model: Open with perimeter zip and inner cotton cover

> core: 100% pure latex / standard 68 kg

> core height: 15 o 20 cm

> fabric: 100% organic cotton

> padding: Padded fabric with 700 gr. of cotton

> total height with cover: 19 or 24 cm

> degree of firmness: Medium / Firm for pure / standard latex


> Látex certificado FSC®: Forest Stewardship Council® certification ensures that products with the FSC certificate are produced using forest materials responsibly managed and provides transparency and traceability throughout the process through control organizations such as the Rainforest Alliance.
Latexco license number FSC® C139425.


> ORGANIC COTTON: It is the name of this mattress fabric, since it is made from 100% organic cotton yarn. Organic cotton fabric, in DICON we have integrated in this range of mattress fabrics, this type of high quality materials and latest technology.

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Our back is flexible and needs flexible support.

The latex adapts perfectly to the shape of the spine, and thanks to its transpiration and ergonomic qualities it becomes the ideal support for your sleep.

Its composition based on a milky solution from the rubber tree, Hevea Brasilensis, gives it a bactericidal and hygienic power that breaks down molds and bacteria. Breathable, hygienic, soundproof, atomic, ergonomic and very durable, the text is static. It is also composed of an open cellular structure that ventilates it during sleep.

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