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Pack Wind


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Pack content

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    Firmness: 7
    Soporte: Espumación HR técnico última generación
    Confort: Capa Viscoelástica Vegetal
    Confort Plus: Disipación de humedad
    Properties: Higiene total + Disipación de humedad
    Altura total: 22 cm
    Durabilidad: 2 años

    > model: Open with zip at the bottom in a long and wide and inner cotton cover > core: Viscoelastic of last generation non-oilseed of 85 kg. and H.R. 35 kg of density > fabric: Viscose and polyester > padding: 680 gr fabric. unpadded > total height: +- 22 / 23 cm. > degree of firmness: Adaptable medium / firm > Argentum+:  A textile...

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    Firmness: 5

    > model: electric articulated in 4-5 planes> frame: metal with 1.5 mm thick steel tube (maximum resistance st-44)> support: multiple lines of rubber / Hytrel® blocks and sheets of steamed plywood.> paint: anti-scratch EPOXI> exterior design: exclusive 60x20 cm tube> standard total height: legs 25 cm + height without legs 8 cm> degree...

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    Firmness: 6
    Soporte: Núcleo viscoelástico con orificios de ventilación
    Confort: Máxima Adaptabilidad + Transpiración
    Confort Plus: Funda de algodón desmontable y lavable
    Properties: Higiene total + Disipación de humedad
    Altura total: 14 cm
    Durabilidad: 2 años